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Play of the Month (You Make the Call)


May 21, 2014



No outs, R3 on 3rd and R2 on 2nd. Pitch is swung at and missed. F2 fires the ball to F5 to attempt a pick-off of R3. During the ensuing run-down, R3 touches home but retreats safely to 3rd where R2 has now advanced. With both runners on 3rd base, F5, holding the live ball in the glove, tags (a) first R3, then R2 or (b) first R2, then R3. What’s the call in each case? ...

Last Month

No outs, R2 on 2nd and R1 on 1st. B3 is supposed to bat but B4 bats out of turn in her place. B4 hits into a 6(U)-4 double play. Now the defensive coach appeals the batting out of order. As the plate umpire, you rule....


Last Month’s ruling:


Since all outs made on the play will stand (Rule 7-1-2-2), R1 and R2 remain out and B3, the proper batter, is also called out for failing to bat. Triple Play! Inning over. B4 will be the first batter in the next inning..