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2014 NFHS Softball Rule Interpretations


2014 NFHS Softball Rules Changes: 2-29 NEW TEAM PERSONNEL should read 2-59)

SITUATION 1: The head coach is warned for using an electronic device outside of the dugout. Later in the game, the trainer is caught using an electronic device outside of the dugout. (Who is restricted to the bench)
? RULING: The coach is responsible for the actions of the team personnel. Both the head coach and the trainer are restricted to the bench/dugout area. (1-8-6; 3-6-11)

SITUATION 2: A school photographer has chosen to shoot pictures from the media area. RULING: The school photographer is considered a part of the media. He/she would be allowed to shoot pictures from the media area. (1-1-7)

SITUATION 3: Are electronic devices allowed in the coaches box? RULING: Electronic devices (cell phone, tablet, etc.) are allowed to be in the coaches box if the device is being used for the purpose of keeping score. It may not be used for any other task while in the coaches box. (1-8-6; 3-6-11))

SITUATION 4: The coach failed to indicate the use of the DP/Flex on the lineup card given during the pregame conference. He indicates to the plate umpire after the second inning that the flex player is being substituted into the game. RULING: The team may not use the DP/Flex option because the coach failed to indicate the desire to use it on the lineup card submitted during the pregame conference. (3-6))

SITUATION 5: The pitcher is legal when she takes a pitching position with both feet on the pitcher’s plate. RULING: The pitcher is allowed to have both feet on the pitcher’s plate as described in the rules book. Both feet must on the ground within or partially within the 24-inch length of the pitcher’s plate. (6-1-1)

SITUATION 6: A parent sits in the stands and videotapes the play of the opposing pitcher with the intent of giving it to the coach. RULING: Illegal. The parent may videotape his/her team and give that video to the coach for the purpose of coaching the team. (1-8-6, 3-611))

SITUATION 7: An assistant coach is videotaping his/her pitcher while standing 3 feet behind the plate umpire. RULING: Illegal. Team personnel may not have electronic devices outside of the dugout/bench area. (1-8-6; 3-6-6)

SITUATION 8: A fielder, while making an initial play on a batted ball, impedes the progress of a runner who is legally running the bases. RULING: Legal. It is the responsibility of the runner to avoid impeding, hindering or confusing a defensive player making the initial play on the batted ball.(2-32))

SITUATION 9: While waiting for the ball to be thrown to her, F2 is blocking the plate without the ball. R1 collides with F2 as she slides into home plate. RULING: Illegal. F2 is guilty of impeding R1’s progress to home without possession of the ball. (2-36)