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The FLEX Rule

  1. The DP is listed as one of the first 9 hitters in the batting order
  2. The FLEX is listed in the 10th position in the batting order
  3. The FLEX can play any defensive position at any time
  4. The DP must remain in the same position in the batter order the entire game
  5. The DP may be substituted for by any legal substitute or by the FLEX
  6. Any 9 of the 10 players can play defense any inning without reporting a change, except if the FLEX doesn't play defense, this must be reported and she has left the game
  7. The DP and the FLEX are starters and, if substituted for, may re-enter the game once
  8. If the FLEX bats, she must bat for the DP and the team is now playing with 9
  9. The DP and FLEX cannot both play offense at the same time
  10. The DP and FLEX may both play defense at the same time