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Softball Mentor List for 2014


Jerry Stone: 218-3271
Laura Bauer: 398-0415
Mike Farrar: 873-1166
Nate Burwell: 288-4592
Dean Scott: 898-4551
Lee Dodson: 439-0484
Dave Schweiger: 852-4313
Buster Folkes: 289-0836
Ellen Mooradian: 456-6855
Ria Gray: 241-5565
Mike Kelly: 804-986-7993
Dave Oili: 804-928-8702
Eddie Small: 804-731-0599
David Toth: 804-502-7432
Joe Yates: 804-955-9745
Ashlee Washburn: 540-493-0773
Bruce Frye: 804-439-3793
(Transfer) Barbara Chastain: 804-761-8237
Bruce Frye: 804-439-3793
(Transfer) Norman Gray: 804-512-9911



General Guidelines


MENTEES:  It is your responsibility to contact your Mentor at least once a week during the season.  Please touch base with your Mentor at each regular meeting to discuss any issues that need to be addressed.


MENTORS:  Please keep some sort of record of contacts and evaluations you make over the season.  As the regular season winds down, the evaluation committee will request information on your mentee for promotion purposes.


Thanks to everyone for their assistance on this project.